This is the car restoration service that we are currently focusing on. While state-of-the-art cars such as electric cars, hybrid cars, hydrogen, and self-driving cars are appearing one after another, there are many owners who are attracted to so-called old cars, classic cars, and nostalgic cars and have been driving them for a long time. However, in recent years, there are many cases where parts are out of stock or out of print even if you try to repair it, and even manufacturer-affiliated dealers and general stores refuse to repair it, making it difficult to maintain. For that reason, I have heard stories of people giving up on maintaining it out of desperation, selling it, cutting off the license plate and disposing of it, leaving it in an open-air parking lot, or leaving it in the corner of the warehouse.
If you have such a car, we will definitely help you. Based on our policy of optimizing and bringing the car to a good condition, we will finish not only the engine but also the body, interior, etc. to the condition that meets the customer’s request. Even if you don’t have the parts, there are ways to repair the actual parts or use the processing of parts from other cars. If you wish, you can also tune it to perform better than a new car.
Everything depends on the customer’s request. First of all, please refer to the tuning menus and examples on our site, and if you are interested or have been rejected by others and are lost in exposure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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