Our idea of ​​"tuning"

“Modify your car” “make the car faster” “Increase engine power and torque” I think that there are many people who use the word “tuning” with such recognition. Of course it’s not wrong. Originally, tuning is a word used in the adjustment of audio equipment and musical instruments. If you replace it with a car, you can say that car tuning is to match the car according to a certain purpose and direction, optimize it, and bring it to a good state.
For example, improving fuel efficiency, increasing maximum speed, improving ride comfort, improving zero jogging time, improving maneuverability, etc. Also, for aging cars, repairing cars to new condition. Each has a different purpose, but all of them can be called automobile tuning. At our company, we are proposing a tuning service that goes back to the original meaning of automobile tuning. Therefore, instead of simply adding parts, we check the condition of the customer’s car in advance, hold multiple meetings with the customer, and proceed with the work from the moment we receive a satisfactory answer. I’m here. Of course, at that time, we will not hide the merits and demerits.

“Tuning” that satisfies customers

For good "tuning"

In order to perform good tuning, I think that the base car must be in good condition. If the base car is in bad condition, it will be difficult to tune it in the right direction. Also, unreasonable tuning can be the cause of frequent troubles. Frequent failures will result in additional repair costs. If necessary, we may recommend pre-repair before tuning.
In addition, we may be able to propose a relatively inexpensive plan by meeting the customer’s goals. In some cases, we were recommended to replace the assembly, but we were able to repair it with a genuine product. Even if you don’t assemble a certain part, you can get the same effect by combining parts that are easily available separately. There were times when I had given up on having to make a one-off production because there were no parts, but there were parts overseas. Of course, we also accept consultations over the phone, but we think that it is better to come to the store and talk while looking at the car, so that we can propose a plan that suits you better. Please refer to each tuning menu and examples on our site and consider it.

A plan that suits each customer

examples of tuning