There are many things to say about car maintenance. In general, oil and cooling water replacement, wheel alignment when replacing tires, tire air pressure adjustment, checking and countermeasures for oil and water leaks, and inspection and repair of each part fall into this category. At our company, which has a policy of optimizing cars and keeping them in good condition, we do not cut corners when it comes to maintenance.
First of all, after hearing the current condition of the car from the customer, we will work on your request. At that time, we will check each part as much as possible, and if there is an abnormality, we will stop the work and let you know. You can request work on other abnormal areas on the spot, or you can come back to the store at a later date to request work.
There are individual differences in general cars, tuning cars and custom cars. Based on our many years of knowledge and experience, we will propose a maintenance menu that matches the specifications of the car, the way you usually drive, and your requests. Carrying out the optimum maintenance for your vehicle will result in a longer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable ride.
Please refer to each maintenance menu and examples on our site and consider it.

examples of maintenance