Fairlady Z33 suspension maintenance.

Suspension refreshed with urethane bushing.

Hello! ! This is Revolfe S.A.😀 Thank you for your stock! This is the refresh menu for the undercarriage of the Fairlady Z33! Speaking of weak points in the suspension of Z33, here! Fr lower arm bush! If it deteriorates, the bush will peel off and the arm will move freely, which is very dangerous! Since there is no supply of a single bushing for the genuine product, the arm will be replaced.

At our company, we replace the bushes with external products such as pillow bushes and urethane bushes! This time I used a bush made by whiteline😉 Exchange the suspension member mounting part and the shock mounting part ♪ Pillow bushes and urethane bushes are structurally free from bush twisting, so the arm can move without stress. In addition to this, there was an oil leak from the steering rack and pinion, so I replaced it with a rebuilt product, I will also replace the ball joint boots of the Fr lower arm! Refreshing the suspension dramatically improves drivability, so many customers feel that they should have done maintenance earlier. Leave the maintenance of the undercarriage to us 🙆 We look forward to hearing from you♪