Vehicle Inspection

Our vehicle inspection recommends a menu that includes basic maintenance. The vehicle inspection is a system for the government to check whether the vehicle meets the safety standards. However, this inspection tends to be confused when the car is properly repaired and maintained, so there is no end to complaints in the world that the car breaks down even though the vehicle inspection was performed. It’s just to see if it meets the safety standards, and it doesn’t mean that the car is in perfect condition. Of course, if the parts subject to safety standards are broken, the inspection will fail, so we will replace or repair them. However, out-of-scope areas are basically ignored. Even if there are cautions and warnings, the inspection will pass.
Our policy is to optimize the car and keep it in good condition. We cannot hand over a car in poor condition without the consent of the customer. We believe that it is important for you to spend your car life with peace of mind. If your car is in poor condition even though it has passed the vehicle inspection, you will end up with a lot of trouble and more repairs, which will cost you extra money. Furthermore, there is the danger of accidents and breakdowns while driving, and the length of time you can’t drive your car is increasing. That’s sad, isn’t it?
Even if you request a car inspection, first check the condition of the car, After that, we will explain the vehicle inspection and pre-maintenance menu. Then, we will proceed with the vehicle inspection and maintenance according to the customer’s consent. Please refer to each vehicle inspection menu and examples on our site and consider it.

examples of Inspection