Standard for Benz. Change to low-dust brake pads. Mercedes-Benz CLS/X218

It’s becoming our standard work 😄 Thank you for visitind.

I don’t like wheels that turn black. Why are European cars still like this 😨💦 Customers who have changed to European cars at our shop already understand, so there are not a few customers who come to our shop to exchange their feet as they purchased new or used cars 💦 Or you may request it directly from the dealer’s sales person.

Among the questions we receive from customers, some customers are concerned about the effectiveness of the low-dust type. It varies depending on each brake manufacturer, but the pads from several companies that we have selected are as effective as the genuine pads, and sometimes even more effective, so don’t worry! In addition to Benz, we have many achievements in domestic and imported cars, so please do not worry if you are worried about it 😊 You may be able to choose the price according to your budget, so please contact us!