Supra JZA80 Emargency pit stop due to clutch trouble.

The EXEDY triple plate clutch that used for a long time has finally come to an end.

Here is the next clutch.

It is a metal triple plate clutch made by ORC according to customer’s request.

Since it will be a pull type, there is no conversion.


With the EXEDY clutch, there was almost no "shattering" or "clattering" sound that is unique to multi-plate clutches, but this ORC made sound is quite appealing.

What is the operability of the half-clutch area that you are worried about? . .

Not bad at all .

Maybe it's because I'm used to multi-plate clutches, but compared to the old days, the pedaling force is not heavy and it's easy to ride, and it's safe to start on slopes.

This car is equipped with a big single turbine and has a decent amount of boost, so the options are more than just a triple plate.

Clutch selection is largely determined by the intended use, vehicle torque and horsepower, etc., so care must be taken when selecting a clutch.

Please contact us if you are thinking of exchanging.



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